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AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Badgett Corporation manages every aspect of its business in compliance to exacting Aerospace and General Industry quality standards. These standards are not additions to our business; they are how we do business. Our business management system ensures that your requirements are understood and delivered on- time.

Our quality policy is to deliver defect-free products on-time to our customers, comply with industry standards and government statutes and regulations, and prioritize continuous improvement.

Quality Assurance Through Technology

Badgett Corporation uses the Aerospace Advanced Quality Planning Process (AS9145) to evaluate your requirements and to develop robust manufacturing processes. This ensures that we meet your requirements the first time and every time.

Quality is assured using state-of-the-art vision measurement systems, ultra-precise internal profile tracers, and statistical process control. This technology gives our people real-time information about your product throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that it meets your expectations before it leaves the machine.

State-of-the art vision measurement system

Our CNC machinists can measure all external dimensions of your product in three seconds using this state-of-the art vision measurement system. This gives us better control for manufacturing your close-tolerance parts.

Comprehensive quality reports of your product

Data from our vision measurement systems is saved electronically for a minimum of fifteen years. We are able to provide comprehensive quality reports regarding each characteristic of your product. These detailed reports reduce your risk associated with product liability.

High speed vision measurement system

Our Screw-Machine machinists use this high speed vision measurement system, designed to control high-volume production equipment. All external dimensions of your part are measured in 0.16 seconds, enabling us to maintain high-quality while producing your high-volume products.

Badgett Corporation Suppliers

Badgett Corporation incorporates a comprehensive evaluation, selection, and monitoring process for its suppliers. Raw-materials meet rigorous Aerospace industry requirements for mechanical and chemical properties, DFARS Compliance, and traceability. Special processes are performed by suppliers that are either NADCAP certified or customer approved. Badgett Corporation partners with the best suppliers to ensure the integrity of your product.



The team at Badgett Corp has been a valuable partner to our operation for over 40 years. Always willing to actively participate, continuously improve operations and quality, as well as flexing to the demands of our business are hallmarks of the Badgett model. Everyone from the office to the shop floor is knowledgeable regarding our product line and is technically proficient. As you will see from a quick site visit, Badgett also constantly re-invests in their manufacturing and quality capabilities to stay relevant in the market. The Badgett team is my go-to machine shop in a pinch.

Lee Stanley - Strategic Procurement Manager - Aerospace